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Your Halloween Party Best – What Do You (Not) Know About Halloween Costumes?


Some Halloween Costumes Can’t Be Bought This Year

With Halloween around the corner, we are sure that you might be super excited to go trick and treating. Who has ever said, “I do not want to dress up for Halloween”? Halloween costume shopping without a shred of doubt is the most exclusive part of the day.

Popular Halloween costumes over the years have been so creative and breathtaking that it always puts an additional pressure on dressing up. Sure, you have decided what you want to be. But there are few who leave it up until the last minute.

Multiple websites would give you the tips such as “trending Halloween costumes this year”, “we have got your back this Halloween” et al. But how many of them tell you about the cons of the costumes that have been tried on before by seasoned dressers? Probably not too many. Therefore, before you hit that store for your Halloween costume shopping, you might want an exquisite insight into what not to buy this Halloween season.

We have curated multiple websites for you bringing you the most down rated costumes of all times. Done and dusted by the customers across the country, you might want to think twice before placing that order.

1) ABING Halloween Pyjamas Home wear One-piece Onesie Cosplay Costumes Kigurumi Animal Outfit Loungewear

The product description as lucrative as might sound, it is an incredible animal wear costume that is customised for the Halloween. A unisex product listed for Halloween costume shopping is most likely to be chosen by adults and kids alike, it comes in sizes S-XL. Flannels are great but only when it comes to blankets. Choose this one only if you want your kids warm in a fun way.

But do note of the negative comments by users below:


2) DREAMOWL Inflatable Giant Poop Emoji Costume for Adult Kids Halloween Party Game

Ok, we get it that you love humour and have decided to show up as poop Emoji in that Halloween party! You went Halloween costume shopping and bought this poop costume which comes with a fan to inflate it into a shaped suit. However, batteries are at your expenses. Soft and light, it restricts you from being the ultimate fun person because it gives you no space to bounce around.

One user, Sarah, however, wasn’t too happy with the product. She reviews as per below, “Fan did not work so it did not stay blown up. Wore it to and event and had to hold it out to give the effect.” We guess she has a tough time going trick or treat with her friends!

Another buyer says, “The zipper broke within minutes. It had potential, but now it’s garbage unless I spend money to fix it. Total Crap.” The poop just probably did its job. But it still has eyes and a smiling face on it. You might just want to consider it, just in case!

3) 2017 New Women’s Halloween Butterfly Wings Shawl Cape Scarf Fairy Poncho Shawl Wrap Costume Accessory

A butterfly gives you butterflies! Dressing up as a butterfly for that party is definitely going to turn a few heads. You have got the Halloween costume shopping sorted. And now it’s time for the wings. You come across a wonderful pair which is a cape too. What more could you ask for?

Think again, we say. The product description says, “An elastic band wrapped in fabric that seals with Velcro. It’s tight like a chocker.” The chocker on this one might end up choking you up, metaphorically.

4) Ivysan Halloween Cosplay Lace Eye Mask for Masquerade Party

Halloween and a masquerade party are the best combination ever! The mysterious look and feel with an adorable dress you bought from the Halloween costume shopping just sets you up for the evening.

All excited for the mask to compliment her dress, Roxanna waited for her package like a little kid. But there was something else in store for her. “I received an empty envelope…no product and I needed it for tomorrow. Absolutely frustrated!” That is definitely what you do not want to end up with. Unless you want to wear a bag on your head! This type of companies shouldn’t be allowed to sale things online who don’t have proper customer care support.

The above complaint would be a classic example of an administrative error gone wrong!

And even as this is a highly recommended product as almost 5 star reviews have been given, I think as online marketers, we cannot afford to be making such mistakes (unless buyers are wrong).

So that’s it about knowing some of the unknown comments on what you should do when going for your Halloween party and ensure for your consumer satisfaction, we have to be very certain on what quality we want to get.

Yes, every Halloween item has its own pros and cons, but we wanna find out and see what best experience will you get once you are at the party.

Perhaps, you should do the traditional way – go out to the departmental store and try them out there to see if they fit.

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the vendor / manufacturer as if you do the online shopping, you are only assuming if you can fit into them well even if the size chosen is what you think!

Anyways, we hope we are not spoiling your Halloween mood but we just wanna spread the awareness of what users will find in their Halloween shopping experience and we hope all of us will be prudent about it now (as it’s the Halloween season now) and even in future Halloween parties you gonna do.

Enjoy your Halloween parties out there!