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Is Black Friday Shopping Worth It?


Black Friday Shopping online to substitute offline shoppping


The season of Black Friday shopping is round the corner again. As usual, many retailers are now busily gearing up their products on sale and more intensively, marketing slogans to attract the most avid shopper who has tons of items in mind. And nowadays, Black Friday Shopping is not just a hit in North America, but in across the world as well.

Let us first analyse the pros and cons of Black Friday Shopping in USA.

In the USA, many shoppers have to queue for long hours just to get to their favourite retail stores. Some even braved winter storms / blizzards during this late November Thanksgiving season to get to there. Isn’t that a hassle?

Wasted time.

Wasted quality that you could have spent with your loved ones.

People queuing while they are freezing! Outdoors in an enclosed space!

And worse, a snowstorm can even lead to accidents, and sometimes even deaths if not properly handled.

That’s why online shopping is a now current choice of buyer experience. Even for the sellers too.

Well, in this digital age, it is very necessary and reasonable that many will make their shopping transactions through this channel of online shopping.

But does online shopping necessarily provide you the user experience you want during Black Friday?

According to PYMNTS.com, according to a survey by Adobe’s 2016 Digital Insights Shopping Predictions,the shoppers in America have had poor experience of mobile browsing. 48% said that slow page load times repeat, 28% complained of malfunctions with their mobile platforms, and 31% grumbled about difficulty in navigation.

People often complaint of slowness in browsing. This was mainly due to heavy traffic of browsing – all retail buying at the same time. This often delays online shopping and creates higher site downtime frequency.

A primary finding from this site suggests that retailers without a solid mobile experience may pass up a major opportunity for huge income on Black Friday and other occasion occasions contrasted with their associated partners.

And if that’s not major enough, consider this effect – vulnerability to online.

This is a breach in online security. In this Mashable article, about 10% of mobile apps found in the search results of ‘Black Friday’ is blacklisted as having malicious intent. Many fraudsters have even taken to emulating legit apps to dupe online shoppers. Almost 2000 URLs were blacklisted because they copied the top 5 retail brands branded terms associated along with Black Friday.

We have just covered some of the pros and cons of the online shopping experience during the Thanksgiving season, where the shopping trends tend to peak during this holiday season worldwide. It’s certainly understandable that many shoppers like you are in the frenzy state of buying so as to prepare for the holidays, the new year and even to satisfy own basic needs and wants. Perhaps, it is time for you to get awareness of online shopping and to know where you can sense is not right and make judgments and decisions for your buying plans.

SmartOnlineConsumers wish you a Happy Thanksgiving ahead.

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