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Are Sexual Wellness Products a Worth Buy?

Are Products To Boost Sexuality A Worth Buy –

Tongkat Ali?

Breast Enhancer?

Other Sex Toys?

Well, come on! They are just another gimmick for pleasures in sexuality.

Let’s take a look at one of the products currently selling like hotcakes at Qoo10 here

About 20 to 30 per cent of men experienced premature ejaculation problems. And a larger problem is that they feel a personal insult that they wouldn’t even want to confide such personal problems to their doctors – thus the crave for such delay sprays.

Delay creams and showers are a simple and quick answer for untimely discharge that interest numerous men.

They can be particularly helpful if your concern is caused by physical problems instead of elements like nervousness or an absence of stimulation control.

Well, the original price of this product is said to be nearly S$50. The sale price is almost S$15.

Yes, this is cheap product. For cheap pleasures to men certainly! To lengthen…

Lengthen what? LOL.

Well, put it this way – many men around the world are having ejaculation problems when having sex. They have problems penetrating … haha.

But after using this item, many buyers are complaining about this product.

OK. To be fair, let’s not put delivery and logistical complaints of this product.

Let’s just review about the complaints of the product itself.

Many people who bought this product complaint that it did very little to them, just like an example above.


It didn’t help them lengthen, erect and ejaculate as much as they want.

No numbness on the penis.

Perhaps many have as much as they had, received it by the time the product nears its expiration date or even surpassed it!

The striking fact of this product is that one user even had a side effect!!!

Let’s examine upon research the side effects of the use:

  • Loss of pleasure
  • Loss of erection capability
  • Spread to your partner

Loss of pleasure

Well, according to some users, they enjoy the sensation less even while they are able to last longer in bed.

And this means you are clearly not feeling the pleasure on bed anymore and that won’t make your partner happy as well!

So beware of the long term use of this product at all costs!

Loss of erection capability

One normal symptom is this use is excessive numbing effect. If the cream is too strong, it leads to decreased sensation.

This can once in a while likewise result in troublesome getting or keeping up an erection. You at that point need to wash off what you can, and sit tight for the sedative to wear off before attempting once more. Not a perfect circumstance in the tosses of enthusiasm. In fact, in many circumstances, the erection becomes much weaker!

Spread to your partner

What this means is the cream being applied on the penis and spread during penetration!

And oral sex too can also result in the cream being applied transferred too and your partner will feel the sensation unfairly!



For products to have side effects is serious. It cannot bypass regulation by health authorities (This product is selling in Singapore, and so the Health Science Authority is supposed to inspect this product).

A regulation would help to check and inspect on the ingredients used in making the product work as it’s still a spray on the exterior skin. People with more sensitive skin allergy might develop rashes and other side effects that can be inconvenient or even deadly in worst cases!

And most important of all, the seller went unresponsive when contacted for explanation on the expiry date as promised.

And so much for the price of $50!

Why would the pictorial ad mislead the consumer into getting one?

So guys, we suggest before you wanna purchase one, no matter what price, think before you get one.

Always seek feedback from others on the experience of using 1 before considering.








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